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Hanging out in socal taking in all kinds of entertainment media: books, film, television, theater...
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About HP Los Angeles:
Slug Clubbing (Formerly HP Los Angeles) is for anyone living in, planning to live in, visiting, and/or passing through the Southern California area and looking for fun-filled discussions related all kinds of fannish media including but not limited to what's listed in the interests section of this LJ Community!

We meet regularly on the last Saturday of every month at 11.30 AM. Unless specifically listed on
Twitter in we probably will meet at L.A.'s Farmers Market.

The hp_losangeles community serves as a waystation for information about standing and regular gatherings for Slug Clubbing events, post-meeting discussions, local promotions, attractions, other Clug Clubbing gatherings in the Los Angeles Area and more.

FLAMING is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Slug Clubbing (Formerly HPLA) Monthly Meeting Info:
Directions and Parking
At The Grove:
- The 1st hour is free.
- 61 minutes to 2 hours, $2.00.

At Farmers Market (located at the Fairfax entrance):
- First 2 hours are free with Farmers Market validation.
- $1 per 1/2 hour after that.

6333 West Third Street, Los Angeles 90036-3154
phone: 323-933-9211
fax: 323-549-2145

Farmers Market LA - Map
map not to scale

Taking Mass Transit
If you need to use mass transit, please visit mta.net for information on using the Los Angeles Metro system.

To find the best mass transit route, enter the location of a bus stop or rail station near you. For your destination location, use S Fairfax Ave / 3rd St 90036.

An all day pass is $3 and is good only on the day issued for any form of mass transit (bus, rail, etc.). All day passes can be purchased either at rail station vending machines or from your bus driver.

Thank you hp_speculation for the 411!

Eating at Farmers Market
Food, you say? Can't decide? On a budget? No Problem!

Some favorites:
French Crepe Company ($1.75 to $7.50)
The Gumbo Pot ($2.50 to $10.95)
LA Korea ($1.50 to $9.99)

The rest are listed here
Among the list:
Pampas Grill (Brazilian churrasco with beef, chicken, sirloin, sausage rotisserie, feijoada (black been stew), fried plantains, cheese bread, stroganoff, farofa, guarana, Brazilian salads.)
Sushi a Go Go (Fresh sushi, rolls, sashimi, salads, miso soup and green tea.)
Bryan's Pit Barbecue (Original Texas BBQ featuring chicken & ribs cooked to perfection over a wood burning pit.)

As you can see, there are lots of places to choose from... the hardest part will be picking one!

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